wannabetvchef.blog.co.uk screenshot

This blog is an archived collection of posts from my original blog wannabeTVchef.blog.co.uk
The owners of blog.co.uk are closing down the platform during December 2015 so I
wanted to make sure old and new readers could still find these posts.

It may take a couple of months to make decisions about categories and or whether to
publish the posts in the same chronological order they were originally posted from
February 2006, but first and foremost I wanted to save these posts from the virtual scrap heap.

Facts and figures
I started my little blog in February 2006 and by now the page views have reached 20.7 million!! And the visitors number since I started using a site counter in September 2008 have passed 4,336,339 which about 542,000 visitors a year.

In that time with the help of networkedblogs I have gained a following of 51,655
and most of them now follow my new food blog. https://wannabetvchefblog.wordpress.com/

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