Easy Almond and Orange Cake

Almond and Orange Cake

I wrote this recipe specifically to use up marzipan I had left in my fridge from Christmas, but you can make this easy to make cake any time of the year.
6 large free range eggs
100g castor sugar
250 grams unsalted butter diced
250 grams Natural marzipan diced
50g ground almonds
1/2 teaspoon Almond essence
150 grams sifted self-raising flour
Zest of 1 large or 2 medium oranges
Icing sugar for dusting
125g Fresh raspberries
250ml creme Fraiche (optional)
1/2 vanilla pod (optional)

I used a silicone flexipan daisy shaped pan approximately 210mm diameter and about 55mm deep. I had this pan for a while but only just started using it.  For plain unfrosted cakes, I like the sharp attractive pattern and it’s so easy to turn out.
If you don’t have one don’t worry you can use a Bundt shaped pan or a 9-inch springform pan will also do.

1.) Place your diced marzipan and butter and chop in your food processor for 5 minutes until well mixed and soft.
2.) Preheat your fan-assisted oven to 170 C gas mark 3 or 325F.
3.) Add the almond essence, castor sugar and orange zest then continue to mix on a high speed until the mixture has                turned pale.
4.) Transfer the mix to your food mixer and then add the ground almonds and beat in one egg at a time, allowing each
egg to be thoroughly mixed in before adding the next.
5.) Gently fold in the sifted flour with a rubber spatula so as to keep the mixture light.
6.) Butter and then flour your flexipan or cake tin, making sure you shake off any excess flour.
7.) Pour your mix gently into your cake pan/tin and smooth the top to make it even.
8.) Bake your cake in the middle of your oven for 40 minutes then when golden brown check with a long toothpick.
When the pick comes out clean it is done.
9.) Allow the cake to begin cooling down still in the cake pan (on a wire rack if you have one).
10) Use a sharp knife to remove the skin from the orange and cut into segments and save for the decoration.
11) Now gently turn out your cake onto a large 12-13inch plate and lightly dust with icing sugar through a fine strainer.
12) Make a circle on the top of the cake with the raspberries, the then gently fill the centre with the orange segments.

Optional Creme Fraiche
Scrape the vanilla seeds from your 1/2 vanilla pod and stir into the creme Fraiche.
Offer this on the side yo your guests.
Serve, when it is still slightly warm, is best.
If you do have the Daisy flexipan it makes portioning very easily because the pattern has 16 “petals” so if you give 2 petals per person you get eight decent sized portions out of the cake.

As always please feel free to ask questions and leave comments and don’t forget to check out my other blog. https://wannabetvchefblog.wordpress.com/

© 2002– © 2015 Kevin Ashton All rights reserved


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